Dear Festival Guests!

Street gives us an opportunity to express ourselves and for artists it’s often replacing a scene. During MIASTOmovie Festival we will have a chance to hear a variety of music and dance genres (ambient, rap, juke, house and folk). Entire programme comes together in the context of the city and street. We’ll be listening to different street sounds, mainly in Recepcja – space belonging to Strefa Kultury Wrocław on Ruska 46 Street – and on Nowowiejska Street during a music walking tour on Sunday.

Wednesday, September 26th

  • 10:30PM-00:30AM

    Street Anti-banquet will be the culmination of the first day of the festival! Why is it Anti? Because there will be no official form – you’ll have to come and see what we have in minds and what we have prepared, For sure we’ll be holding long conversations about the street accompanied by Doctor Brew (and theirs beers) and innovative reveal of street-food.

Thursday, September 27th

  • 10.30PM-00.30AM

    Tracks & Recreations
    Tracks & Recreations is a duet created in Wroclaw by Monika Nowak, who’s making visualizations that are a loose reference to Pain drawings, and Jakub Kasperkiewicz, who will present his ambient guitar live performance for the first time. The performed together before in places like Tony Music Space and, closed by now, Uff Club. They work id driving the audience into the widely understood mindfulness.

Friday, September 28th

  • 10PM-4.00AM

    Rap afterhours feat. Radio LUZ
    We wouldn’t like to skip Bronx – so important for the streets history. Therefore we prepared a special collaboration with the editors from Radio LUZ who are the experts of the weirdest and fastests forms of the classics of the genre and they will share their knowledge with us.


*Baby Meelo (Future Beats)
*Whyba (Regime)
*Lucca Cipriano (Ultradźwięki)
*Sebek Rogalski (Ultradźwięki)
*Szymon Baczyński (Burn the Roots)

Saturday, September 29th

  • 10PM-4AM
    Vogue & Diva House

Street music is often a form of manifesto. House music, similarly to hip-hop music, played a great social role in the history of american cities. One of the forms of this genre is voguing – we’ll have a chance to experience it thanks to Kamila Górny who is the representative of the first voguing house in Poland (House of Army). She’s developing and popularizing this style in Poland by educating dancers and organising workshops. She’s focusing on the technique, musicality and movement originality. She specializes in hands performance, arms control, runway and Old Way categories.


*DJ Świnią