MIASTOmovie 7: Public architecture


The seventh edition of MIASTOmovie is a moment to take a closer look at the subject of public architecture. Schools, offices, churches, hospitals and other public buildings will be the focus of our attention. We will consider what they are, what their nature and characteristics are, how they ‘live’ on an everyday basis, serving and standing open to the residents of cities. What do we see when we think of ‘public architecture’? A Renaissance building, a one-storey century-long building or a minimalist glass block? What resources do we need to manage in this field nowadays? What contribution to the development of public architecture did the Third Republic of Poland, whose thirtieth anniversary falls this year, make to the development of public architecture? What objects appeared in our space after ‘89 and what do they carry with them? And finally – what does ‘public architecture’ really mean for us? – a complex of buildings where we ‘do important things’ or a space to spend time together with others?

We invite you to see the best films chosen by us that will allow you to face the questions arising from this year’s theme of our festival, but also to think about this ambiguous concept together. In October we will be accompanied by inspiring discussions, lectures and walks. Once again we will help you to discover a number of fascinating places on the map of Wrocław, which you may not have heard of or thought would be worth visiting.