23 september, sunday | 11:00

Fandom (Grunwaldzki Square 6)

Grunwaldzki Square had lost almost all if its architecture due to events connected with Festung Breslau and thanks to that it became the experimenting field for polish designers. During socrealism era many brave plans, such as building the next Palace of Culture and Science,  were made in here. After the downfall of stalinist doctrine one of the first modernist projects in postwar Wroclaw was put up in here – the ‘Scientists Home’. Soon after that the plan of six identical tower blocks with pavilions on ground floor was made by the same designer. Today part of the Square is taken by a sign of new era – shopping centre.

Grunwaldzki Square is a place where many urban planning ideas and architectural dogmas clash together creating incoherent, ripped apart and unfinished development. At the same time all this makes the square what it is – paradoxically charming place.

The walk was prepared and will be guided by Łukasz Wojciechowski, the architect and lecturer at the University of Science.