29 september, saturday | 15:00

The lecture will take place after the film Brasilia. Life after design”.

Times soon after the II World War were filled with creating new cities and its districts. As the society was trying the get out of the war trauma and forget about 20th century conflicts that grew from social problems all of these projects were made from scratch. Poland as well has created its own development myth based on urban utopia. Nowa Huta, which is a part of Cracow build for the workers of metallurgical industry, is one of the most prominent examples of how Poles were trying to build better future. Works on this neighborhood were made for nearly four decades. Today we can see many ideas for new way of living and common life that were made in here and which are different either from the formal or ideological side.   

The lecture will be made by Michał Wiśniewski, who graduated from Art and Architecture History. He’s currently researching the modern architecture history and its connections with politics. He works for the International Cultural Centre and the Economics University in Cracow. He’s a member of Architectural Institute Foundation. He published many articles and books on the subject of modern architecture and he was a curator and co-curator of varius architectural exhibitions.