27 september, thursday | 18:00


Director: Amir Escandari
Production: Finland, Denmark, Sweden, 2014
Duration: 93 min.

PIXADORES is a movie about young men living in the edges of São Paulo, Brazil. Pixacao street-art leads their lives. Painters write overwhelming cryptic messages in places hard to get to, such as walls of tall buildings. Nightly painting is their way to rebel and a proof of their existence.

Djan, William, Biscoito and Ricardo are unemployed, or spend their day time in heavy-lifting jobs. Night time they paint and train-surf. Pixacao is everything to them. Out-of-nowhere invitation to Berlin’s Biennaale as artists change their lives. Even the thought of travel is a huge step for the men. In Berling, the heart of European art-culture, the pixadores have to make their decision of who they are and what they are doing, as painters, let alone as a family.

PIXADORES (TUULENSIEPPAAJAT) is Iranian-born Amir Arsames Escandaris’ (born 1979) debute-film. It was cinematogpahed by Peter Flinckenberg. The movie is Finnish-Danish-Swedish co-production and the main producer is Miia Haavisto / Helsinki-filmi.