29 septembar, saturday | 16:00

Kraszewskiego Street 1

(walking tour with micro- and macrohistories of the streets)

On Saturday afternoon, together with Anka Bieliz and Szymon Maraszewski, we are going to take a walk through the two criss-crossing roads of Kleczków – Kraszewskiego and Zegadłowicza Streets. This specific part of the city, considered to be outermost for a long time, that is located between the railway track and the Odra River will be discovered by us through the meetings with its residents and users of its street. We will take a look at what’s the most valuable at this part of the city – downtown and industrial spirit from the 19th century mixed with the inaccessible public institutions  located in here. In the middle of Kraszewskiego Street, consisting of tall and beautiful tenement buildings, we have two facilities that have been out of the official discourse for many years – penitentiary and mental gwałtu health center. Zegadłowicza Street in its starting point is offering three-storey houses, perfect for the ‘new townsfolk’ who still have some yearning for garden city architecture. As we get closer to the Odra River the landscape is changing into the post-war precast concrete slabs. We won’t keep ourselves of getting into the gates, stairway cases and backyards. We’ll take a look at backhouses and garages seeking for the past and current micro- and macrohistories of the streets and entire district.


This walking tour is co-organised with Sąsiadujemy – programme of Strefa Kultury Wrocław.