28 september, friday | 21:15

The passage under the square of John Paul II, at the Foss Pizza

Film walking tour through Szczepin will let us get into the world of architectural and design movies selected in the Urban View competition that was a part of Short Waves Festival.  The competition was set for the short films – no matter if they are feature or documentaries ones. Selected ones show the environment of human being in the codified formula, revealing parts of the reality in a very non-obvious way, deconstructing the aesthetic of pre existing order. In this movies, coming from all over the world, architecture is not only a background  but it’s also somehow getting the role of a main character. Walking tour proposed by MISTOmovie will be held in non-typical places of public space which is a great opportunity to focus our attention on our surroundings even more.

The tour is organised in cooperation with Serce Szczepina Group and Wrocław Contemporary Museum.